Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Shannon Mouton

Shannon Mouton

Meet Shannon Mouton

1. Write a six-word memoir to describe yourself.

Shannon works hard and plays harder.

2. Tell us about your blog.

How I started blogging is weird. I didn’t start out with a cause to promote or even passions I had to share with the rest of the world. I’m one of these folks that has to fill in every box on a form, so when I signed up for Twitter, I felt as though I had to have to blog. Plus, at that time, everyone I was interested in following and talking to had blogs and I wanted to be one of the cool kids too.  I started Shannon Sez So because I’m multi-faceted and my blog needed to be as well. Three of my favorite posts from 2011 speak to three important aspects of me, a Black person in America, a loyal friend and a single woman.

3. What is your definition of digital sisterhood?

There are all kinds of digital sisterhood, at its simplest, digital sisterhood is women supporting each other through technology, be it retweeting, liking or friending.

4. What is your favorite 2011 digital sisterhood moment or experience?

A digital sister (a woman I met via Twitter) sponsored me to attend SXSW in March. She knew I wanted to go and couldn’t afford to at the time, so she paid for me.

5. The 2011 theme of Digital Sisterhood Month is ‘Celebrate the 4 Fs of Women’s Health: Feelings, Food, Fitness & Fierce Living.” How have you lived fiercely in 2011?

I launched my business, Topaz Consulting this year. It’s been a remarkable journey, exciting, scary, challenging, fun and so on.

6. How do you stay positive and maintain peace of mind?

My home is truly my sanctuary. It is a place of peace and serenity where I, and my guests, can relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. When I really need to get back to center, I light the 10+ candles I have in my family room and let their aura warm my spirit and lighten my mind.

7. What are your favorite healthy foods?

I’ve fallen in love with hummus. It is packed full of nutrients and is a great dip for breads, veggies and crackers with nowhere near the calories of French onion dip. And of course, I’m a devotee of fresh fruits and vegetables. The colors, aromas and textures tantalize my senses, making the experience of eating them more than just chewing, swallowing and digesting.

8. How do you stay fit?

I’m not really fit; however, to keep what I have from getting totally out of control, I ballroom dance at least once a week.

9. How are you planning to live fiercely in 2012?

I’m going to check a few more things of my list in 2012.

10. Where can we find you online?


Blog: Shannon’s blog about marketing, public relations, social technology, entrepreneurship and other things

Web Site: Shannon Sez So



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