Meet Digital Sisterhood Network Project Manager – Zanetta “Zane” Collins

Photo Credit: Zanetta 'Zane" Collins

Digital Sisterhood Network (DSN) recently hired Zanetta “Zane” Collins as our new project manager.  Zane is a 2011 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  She earned a degree in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications, an arts and communications interdisciplinary. During her collegiate career, she explored various mediums of communications and was intrigued by all facets, especially public relations. While exploring these mediums, she revamped her approach towards communications and incorporated modern-day technology such as social media. Her academic studies focused on marketing, communications, and design. They helped her integrate the lessons of graphic design and social/new media, to better every project and every proposal for the end consumer.  She now offers her clients an array of new media, technology, communication, and marketing experiences.  Her moxie, passion, creativity, and dedication are true gifts!

As the DSN Project Manager, Zane will represent DSN and live tweet at several DC Digital Capital Week events, contribute content to the Women in PR and Communications Campaign on Cinchcast,, and Twitter, and provide project management support on Digital Sisterhood Month’s online and offline events.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter: @ ZCollins_PRGirl.