Women Using Social Media to Transform Health Challenges Into Life Opportunities on 12/11 Episode of Digital Sisterhod Radio

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Women living with breast cancer, brain injuries, lupus, sarcoidosis, and spina bifida are using social media to transform their health issues into life opportunities. Social media allows them to discover their voice and passion, tell their stories, create communities of support, overcome their fears about technology, reinvent themselves by learning new skills and sharing their gifts, and conduct awareness and outreach. These women walk their daily paths as wonderful women on the worldwide web with a mission to inspire, inform, and ignite a passion for living authentically and fully!

Tune into Digital Sisterhood Radio on Sunday, December 11 from 7:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm ET to learn more about “Women Transforming Health Challenges Into Life Opportunities with Social Media.”  Click on the link to listen to the show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/42015.

The guests include:

1) Racquel Dozier is a Richmond, VA educator, nonprofit leader, blogger, and lupus survivor. She uses her blogs and her Lupus in Color online community social media sites to discuss her lupus journey and generate awareness about lupus in communities of color. Visit http://racqueldozier.blogspot.com, http://lupusincolor.blogspot.com, and http://www.facebook.com/people/Lupus-InColor.

2) Nicole McLean is a DC area blogger who is living with breast cancer. She uses her Fabulous Boobies blog to discuss her health journey as a single woman. Visit http://fabulous-boobies.blogspot.com, http://twitter.com/nic_mclean, and http://www.facebook.com/fab.boobies.

3) Kamaria Richmond is a PG Country, Maryland event and lifestyle blogger who is living with sarcoidosis and brain injuries caused by a stroke in 2004. She is currently using social media to tell her story, develop her blogging voice as the 2011 Digital Sisterhood Network’s blogger-in-residence, and host her monthly radio show, The Stroke Diva Fabulous Show on Digital Sisterhood Radio. Visit http://twitter.com/kamaria and http://www.cinchcast.com/kamaria.

4) Laurita Tellado is a blogger, activist who is living with spina bifida in Orlando, Florida. She uses her Holdin’ Out for a Hero blog to publish daily blog entries promoting awareness of spina bifida to members of the media and entertainment industries, as well as to the non-profit sector and the public at large. She also chronicles her experiences as an individual with spina bifida. Visit http://holdinoutforahero.org and http://twitter.com/laurita86.

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Honoring 5 Women in Social Media Who Use Their Health Experiences to Inform & Inspire Others

Since National Women’s Health Week (May 8-15 — check out the new look of the National Women’s Health Center web site in June. ), I’ve been thinking about the way people use the Internet to discuss their health experiences.  Today, I read an article in the Washington Post that referenced The Pew Internet & American Life Project’s most recent report on The Social Life of Health Information.  The report concluded that people are sharing more health-related information online such as workout routine results, medical treatment reviews, and awareness about certain health conditions.  It made me think about the powerful ways women are using social media to tell their health stories, raise awareness about their health conditions, and to touch the lives of others.  Five women came to mind: Racquel Dozier, Nicole McLean, Susan Niebur, Kamaria Richmond, and Laura Tellado.  To learn more about these amazing women, see the information below.