#DSMonth Day 5 Recap: Digital Sisterhood Twitter Chat with Sian Morson, Founder of Kollective Mobile

Photo Credit: Sian Morson

Photo Credit: Sian Morson

Day five of Digital Sisterhood Month featured a Twitter chat with Kollective Mobile founder Sian Morson. The topic was “Tech Women’s Creativity.” During the chat, Sian shared five wisdom thoughts she gained from her creative experiences in the digital space. See below.

1) Everyone brings something to the table. Never discount someone’s idea or opinion.

2) Everything has a place. I learned to adapt to my engineers’ orderly, linear way of thinking.

3) Collaboration is beautiful. It’s easier to work with people than against them.

4) Anonymity is almost impossible. So when I have a moment of privacy I cherish it.

5) Always remember to have fun. It doesn’t have to be serious all of the time.