Wellness for Bloggers at BlogHer 2011

Ananda leading Wellness for Bloggers session @ BlogHer 11'

When the BlogHer team invited Ananda to lead a Wellness for Bloggers session at the 2011 conference, she got really excited. Why?  Because Digital Sisterhood Network promotes self-care and encourages women in social media to unplug from their tech lives and tools each month on Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Sunday, and to use yoga, meditation, Reiki, and other self-care and fitness practices to manage their time online and offline.

Ananda's Session Folder

How the Session Began

Ananda’s Wellness for Bloggers session began on August 5 with several breathing and office yoga exercises.  Check out a description of the breathing exercise below.  Feel free to try it.  Also, click here and  listen to her audio blog preview of the session which offers a breathing exercise. 

Description of Breathing Exercise:

Finding a comfortable seated position in your chair.  Come to the edge of your chair and place your feet flat the floor. Take off your glasses and shoes to relax.  Create hip width distance in between your legs. Inhale through your nose and take a deep breath.  Exhale through your mouth.  Repeat this breathing exercise seven times and keep in mind that when you breathe intentionally and deeply, you invite yourself into the present moment.  The more you breathe intentionally and deeply, the more open you become to PEACE.  When you have PEACE, you are free to IMAGINE.  Your imagination helps you DREAM.  Your dreams help you CREATE and INSPIRE others in your blog, business, career, and family.

Takeaways from Breathing Exercise:

  • Breathing creates Peace.
  • Peace helps you Imagine.
  • Your imagination helps you Dream.
  • Your dreams help you Create and Inspire.

Wellness for Bloggers class participants doing office yoga and breathing exercises

Photo Credit: TILTE

Journal Paper and Handouts

Wellness for Bloggers session participants journaling about self-care practices

Wellness for Bloggers participants joournaling about self-care practices

The session also included a journaling exercise and a discussion on self-care practices. Participants were asked to take four deep breaths and ask themselves what they need in their life to practice self-care.  They were given five minutes to write about their needs.  Click here to listen to Ananda’s audio blog recap which includes the seven self-care practices discussed during the session.

How the Session Ended

The session ended with the distribution of a handout (yoga and self-care resources) and a homework assignment.  Click here to download a copy of the handout.  The homework assignment requested participants to breathe four times, write a six-word memoir that expresses how they felt in the present moment, and tweet the six-word memoir using the #blogher11 hashtag.  Here are two tweets that participants shared on Twitter.

Light air creates momentum, inspires action. #blogher11 @anandaleeke
@AnandaLeeke 6Words: Relaxed, limber, sleepy, stressfree, light, happy. #blogher11

Feedback about the Session

Check out TITLE’s blog post and the positive feedback about Ananda’s session from the Twitterverse below.

Great session on blogger wellness! Thanks @anandaleeke #blogher11
Nimble Bar
NimbleBarNimble Bar

Office yoga: Sit w/ft apart, hands on lap, inhale, bring shoulders up, hold it, slowly exhale. via @anandaleeke #blogher11
Nimble Bar
NimbleBarNimble Bar

7 deep breaths. Take it. You always have that. @anandaleeke #blogher11
Nimble Bar
NimbleBarNimble Bar

Great way to start a #blogher11 session: take off your shoes, close ur eyes & breathe deep. Bravo @anandaleeke!
Nimble Bar
NimbleBarNimble Bar

yoga begins with breath, so you are always doing yoga. Use this to help move thru your day. via @anandaleeke #blogher11

RT @tilte_nonsense: At the Wellness for Bloggers session w/ speaker @AnandaLeeke. Great presenter w/ breathing & yoga exercises. #BlogHer11

More Information and Resources:

If you missed the Wellness for Bloggers session at BlogHer 2011, click here to download Ananda’s handout with resources and tips on how to incorporate breathing exercises, office yoga, and self-care practices into your daily life.  You can also watch her office yoga videos (15 to 20 minutes) to get a taste of the class.   Click here to watch the videos.

Hire Ananda for a Wellness for Bloggers Session:

Ananda is available to lead a Wellness for Bloggers workshop or office yoga session at your company or organization’s office, retreat, meeting, and  conference.  Contact kiamshaleeke@yahoo.com or visit her web site’s yoga page for more information.

Ananda’s Favorite Digital Sisterhood Moments @ BlogHer 2011 – August 4-7 in San Diego, CA

Hi All!

I am back from the BlogHer 2011 conference in San Diego, California. It was an amazing trip. Great weather, city, people, food, and learning experiences. I have included my 21 favorite BlogHer digital sisterhood moments below.

If you attended BlogHer, let me know your favorite digital sisterhood moments in the comment section.

FYI – BlogHer 2012 will be held in August 2012 in New York City. So get ready!

Click here to see my photos from BlogHer.

Click here to listen to my audio blogs from BlogHer featuring my conference recaps and interviews with digital sisters.

BlogHer badge and program book

Ananda’s Favorite Digital Sisterhood Moments at BlogHer 

Lilian Chiang and Ananda








1) Meeting my BlogHer roommate Lilian Chiang, founder of Chinese Grandma blog

2) Hanging out with Dr. Goddess, one of my Blogalicious digital sisters

3) Sharing office yoga, breathing exercises, and self-care practices during my Wellness for Bloggers session on August 5th

4) Serving as a panelist during the Peer Networking: Working Together to Help All Boats Rise session with Liz Strauss, Heather Mann, and Vikki Reich on August 5th


5) Seeing my Heart of Haiti digital sister Sloane Berrent at the Philosophy booth in the BlogHer Expo Hall on August 6th

6) Receiving my BlogHer swag — favorite items were the BlogHer official CVS recyclable bag, BlogHer pendant, HTC white pouch bags with a writing pad and mints, Yahoo Style Book, Philosophy gift set (love love love the red velvet lip gloss), and the Dove recyclable bag

7) Listening to the Voices of the Year Community stories and attending the reception on August 5th

8) Visiting the HTC Suite and learning about sponsorship opportunities that can support Digital Sisterhood Month on August 6th








9) Spending time with new and old digital sister friends during breakfast and lunch

10) Delivering thank you notes to BlogHer founders Elisa Camhort Page, Lisa Stone, and Jory Des Jardins, and BlogHer staff Polly Pagenhart for all of their hard work

Watch Digital Sisterhood Network Founder Ananda Leeke on PepsiCo’s WIN Video @ BlogHer 2011

On August 4, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke spent time with the PepsiCo’s Women Inspiration Network (PepsiCo WIN) staff at the BlogHer 2011 Conference Expo Hall in the San Diego Convention Center.  She shared her thoughts about being at BlogHer on the video above.  The video also includes several BlogHer attendees who shared their excitement and reasons for attending the conference.

Ananda being interviewed by PepsiCo WIN staff on 8/4/11 at BlogHer 11

Ananda recorded a Cinch audio blog about her PepsiCo WIN interview. Click here to listen. She also shared what inspired her about BlogHer on the PepsiCo WIN booth wall. See below.

PepsiCo WIN booth at BlogHer - Inspiration Question

Ananda's Inspiration Statement at PepsiCo WIN booth

More Information about PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network (PepsiCo WIN):

PepsiCo WIN is an online community that provides a global idea sharing forum for leaders, innovators, and real women.  It was launched in February 2011.  Check out the video of PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi announcing the WIN Correspondent program at  BlogHer below.  Nooyi shared her thoughts about inspiration and leadership during the August 6th luncheon at BlogHer.  Click here to listen to Ananda’s audio blog reflections about Nooyi’s talk.

Ananda Leeke Headed to BlogHer 11 to Teach Blogger Wellness & Speak About Peer Networking in August

Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley - http://www.leighmosley.com

Great news!  Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke is headed to BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, California to teach Blogger Wellness (office yoga, breathing exercises, and self-care practices) on August 5 from 10:30 am to 11:45 am.  Click here to learn more about the session.

When Ananda completed her yoga teacher training course at Flow Yoga Center in 2006, she established kg yoga life practices to help individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities develop and use self-care tools that cultivate awareness, balance, and calm in daily life. Click here to read about kg yoga life practices’ mission, philosophy, and description of services and fees. Ananda was certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner by Reiki Lotus Healing in 2007.

kg yoga life practices also promotes community building and volunteer service through the seva (service) projects mentioned below.

Ananda uses these projects to raise money for Fonkoze, Renewal for Haiti, and The Women’s Collective, three organizations that she supports with her Crowdrise online fundraising efforts.  Click here to make a donation.

In 2009, she began teaching online yoga classes for computer users on Stickam.com and MomTV.  She also taught yoga at social media conferences and events such as Blogalicious, She’s Geeky DC, Latinos in Social Media, Blogging While Brown, and DC Digital Capital Week.


Ananda will also discuss the power of digital sisterhood as a panelist for the BlogHer 11 session “Peer Networking: Working together to help all boats rise” on August 5 from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm.  Click here for more details.

On August 13, she will discuss the benefits of writers using blogs to write their books at “Women Write Now! Two,” a day-long seminar for women writers and women who want to write hosted/presented by author and master teacher Marita Golden  in Maryland. Click here for registration details.