Celebrating Digital Sisterhood Month 2014 in London

Greetings Digital Sisters!

This year’s fifth annual celebration of Digital Sisterhood Month focused on “Gratitude for Digital Sisterhood Communities”.  Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke was able to express her gratitude when she visited and met with several digital sisters during her recent trip to London, England.


Leeke’s first London #DigitalSisterhood meet up was with 2014 Digital Sister of the Year Marilyn Fontaine  , an artist, author, holistic and creative coach, and yogini. They met for a Caribbean dinner at the Stratford Centre in East London. During their meet up, they discussed how much they have informed and inspired each other since they first connected online in 2006. They also shared lessons learned in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with life coaching support and self-care practices, being an artist and yogini, building community with women online and offline, managing and growing a business as a female entrepreneur.  Since they were both yoginis, they scheduled a second meet up that included a Saturday vinyasa yoga class taught by Digital Sister Rosemarie St. Louis, a yoga teacher and transformation coach, and tea at Coffee7, a cafe in Forest Gate (East London).


St Louis’ vinyasa yoga class was a soulful surrender kinda of experience for Fontaine and Leeke. Each yoga pose allowed them to reconnect to their spirit, heart, mind, and body with ease and grace. Throughout the class, St. Louis assisted them in stretching beyond their comfort zones and shared yoga wisdom as food for thought.


After class, Fontaine and Leeke had tea and hot chocolate at Coffee7. During their conversation, they started brainstorming about ways they could support each other in 2015 and beyond.


They also shared resources for their businesses and social media efforts. What an affirming #DigitalSisterhood Community experience!


Supporting digital sisters who own businesses is a great way to build #DigitalSisterhood Community. That’s what Leeke did when she visited Franklin Tree, a boutique specializing in vintage and handmade clothing and accessories established by Hymy and Lynn, on Brick Lane in East London.



Check out the grey cape and winter white coat she purchased from Franklin Tree.


As you prepare to leave 2014 behind and enter 2015 with great
expectations, think about the positive and affirning #DigitalSisterhood Community moments and relationships you have experienced. How can you expand on them in 2015?

Have a prosperous 2015!

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