Celebrating Digital Sisterhood Network’s AARP Caregiving Partnership

Photo Credit: AARP.org

Photo Credit: AARP.org

Happy Autumn Digital Sisters!

November begins tomorrow. So does National Family Caregivers Month and the Digital Sisterhood Network’s (DSN) third year anniversary celebration of working with AARP to promote caregiving and resources for America’s 42 million caregivers, many of whom are women and our fellow digital sisters. AARP is a nonprofit organization that helps people who are 50 and over turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities, and fights for the issues that matter most to families such as healthcare, employment security, and retirement planning.


DSN started working with AARP’s #CareSupport Campaign as a part of our living well initiative in 2012. Since then, we have been able to share information and resources that have given support to a diverse group of digital sisters and their families. Last year, DSN founder Ananda Leeke worked with AARP staff and bloggers to promote AARP’s caregiving resources and web site at the BlogHer annual conference. We also joined forces with AARP’s Thanks Project to express deep gratitude for the caregiving work provided by caregivers. AARP created ThanksProject.org to encourage and allow individuals to post messages of support and thanksgiving for and about caregivers. We think it is an awesome way to express digital affirmation and gratitude in a public forum that builds a community of support and inspiration. It also informs  others about the important roles caregivers play in their loved ones’ lives.

Photo Credit: AARP.org

Photo Credit: AARP.org

November is a great month to express gratitude for the caregivers in your family, circle of friends, and community. One way you can demonstrate your gratitude is by showing caregivers how to access AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center and Guide to Caregiving (free). The web site has great articles and tips that caregivers can use to support their wellness journey as they care for their loved ones.

Logo by Dariela Cruz

Logo by Dariela Cruz

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in support of Digital Sisterhood Network’s Leadership, Lifestyle and Living Well initiative and participation in AARP’s #CareSupport Campaign.


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