#DigitalSisterhood Wednesday Celebrates AARP Decide.Create.Share. Initiative & Author Sondra Wright

AARP DC Decide.Create.Share. Event on 9.17.13

AARP DC Decide.Create.Share. Event on 9.17.13

Happy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday!

Last night, I attended the AARP Decide.Create.Share. (DCS) event for women at LivingSocial in Washington, D.C. Decide.Create.Share. is an initiative designed to help women do three things:

  • Decide what kind of future they want for themselves.
  • Create a long-term plan that will help them address their health, financial, legal, and home issues and achieve their goals.
  • Share their long-term plan with the important people in their lives.

The initiative includes a 40 Day Pledge that offers women an opportunity to make a commitment to complete a Living Longer, Living Smarter plan for their future. It covers four critical areas of life— home and community, health, finances and wishes.

The DCS event was attended by a diverse group of women representing various ages and ethnicities. We participated in an engaging session led by Sondra Wright, a women empowerment entrepreneur, author of 40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce, Focused and Full of Life!, and founder of 40 Plus and Fabulous, LLC (see photos at the bottom of the photo collage above). Wright shared personal stories from her own life as she introduced us to the DCS initiative and explained the benefits of each component.

As a group, we had a chance to reflect on the current state of our home, health, finances, and wishes. We also explored our future needs in these key areas. Throughout the session, Wright’s invitation to the audience for deeper sharing produced conversations that revealed lessons learned we could all gain wisdom from. She also encouraged the audience to commit to living better, healthier, stronger, and more aware lives now. As I watched her and the AARP team share DCS golden nuggets, I realized I was witnessing DCS in real-time. They made it come alive for me. They also inspired me to follow through on the DCS 40 Day Pledge I made to myself and discussed during my most recent blog update. Many thanks to the AARP DCS Campaign for hosting an amazing, informative, and energizing event!

Have you taken the 40 Day Pledge yet? If yes, how has it helped you?

If not, sign up today and get started on planning for your future!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Enjoy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday!!!!!


Ananda Leeke, Digital Sisterhood Network founder



Disclaimer: This blog post was written in support of Digital Sisterhood Network’s Leadership, Lifestyle and Living Well initiative and participation in AARP’s Decide. Create. Share. Initiative.

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