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Happy Friday!

Are you a caregiver or preparing to give care for your loved ones in the future? If so, take a few moments to visit’s AARP Caregiving Resources web site. Check out some of our favorite site features below.

1) INSIDE A CAREGIVER’S LIFE: The web site features three short videos that give you an inside look into the life of a fellow caregiver. Click here to watch one of our favorite videos, “Caring for Yourself and the Ones You Love.”

2) AMY GOYER’S GUIDE TO CAREGIVING: Watch caregiver and author Amy Goyer’s series of videos that provide resources and tips for caregiving.

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3) REACH OUT WITH FREE SOCIAL E-CARDS: The web site offers  caregivers free social e-cards (see cards above) they can use to reach out for support let people outside their everyday support network  know how  they are feeling. Here’s how it works. Click here and choose an image that describes how you are feeling and then post it on your Facebook or Twitter page to let your network of family and friends know what’s happening with you. It’s a very easy and quick way to give an update and ask for support. Try it today and let us know what happens in the comment section below.

4) START THE CONVERSATION: The web site provides three articles that walk you through the essential first steps to becoming a successful caregiver.

5) COMPREHENSIVE CAREGIVING RESOURCES: The web site has a list of organizations and web sites that can help you identify caregiving resources that meet you and your loved ones’ needs.



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Disclaimer: This blog post was written in support of Digital Sisterhood Network’s Leadership, Lifestyle and Living Well initiative and participation in AARP’s Caregiving Campaign.

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