Celebrating #BlogHer13 #MultiCulti Party – Meet Party Hostess Dwana De La Cerna


This month, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke is preparing to co-host the BlogHer 13 Multi Culti Party on July 26 with “digital sister” bloggers Pauline Campos of Aspiring Mama blog and Dwana De La Cerna of House on A Hill blog in Chicago, Illinois. Click here to check out the BlogHer Loves Multi Culti Pinterest board.

Over the next two weeks, Ananda will be sharing several multi-culti inspired blog posts that invite your feedback. Today’s blog post features an interview with #MultiCulti Party co-hostess Dwana De La Cerna. Enjoy reading about Dwana!

Photo Credit: Dwana De La Cerna

Photo Credit: Dwana De La Cerna

Meet Dwana De La Cerna, founder of House on a Hill blog, writer for Chicagonista.com a local, Chicago based online media magazine ,and social media director and editor of  TheChicagoMoms.com, a subsidiary of City Connect Media.

Dwana and her sons

Dwana and her sons

DSN: Why is celebrating Multi Culti at BlogHer important to you?  
DDLC: We are more diverse than we even think about! So many Chicago area bloggers have approached me saying how wonderful this idea is! Giving pause to celebrate what makes us all alike and different is a wonderful thing. Additionally, I love my BlogHer Family SO much that I want to know ALL about them.
DSN: Describe your family’s Multi Culti melting pot (ethnicity).
DDLC: I was born into a majority Creole family. Both my moms parents were a mixture. One was definitely French Creole from New Orleans and one have-no-idea-mixed from Kentucky. My dad had one Filipino parent and one he describes as a ‘free colored’ from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. As in most cultures, I define myself by my mother’s mother who was ALL NEW ORLEANS baby! I identify ‘black’ because my birth certificate says ‘Negro’. Both my parents were raised in a very culturally thick community on Chicago’s Southside.
DSN: What are your Multi Culti favorite musical groups and/or songs?
DDLC: I love ‘Old School’ R&B and am a Southside Chicago original “Househead” … Have fun googling that!
DSN: What is your favorite Multi Culti fashion (clothing/jewelry/designer/accessories/shoes)?
DDLC: I wear RLT (Rae Lewis-Thornton bracelets) other than that, I love Barbara Bates … but am a typical shopper.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi Culti foods?
DDLC: Dirty rice and beans, crawfish, seafood gumbo, cornbread and mo’ rice.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi Culti wine or cocktails?
DDLC: I am a rum, scotch, whiskey & cigar girl!
DSN: What are your favorite Multi Culti artwork, artists, books, and films?
DDLC: LOVED both the book and the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’, Spy Games and The Horse Whisperer.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi Culti travel experiences (ones you have had or dream about)?
DDLC: I did my DNA, because like a large population of black folk, I have no idea where my ancestors originated. My DNA revealed, matriarchly that we were from the Sierra Leone. After speaking with a co-worker who just returned from his native Gambia in West Africa, I have a strong desire to see the West Coast of Africa. He said I would LOVE it.
READER QUESTION: What are your favorites? Share answers to the interview questions in the comment section. Thanks!

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