Celebrating #BlogHer13 #MultiCulti Party – Meet Party Hostess Pauline Campos


This month, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke is preparing to co-host the BlogHer 13 Multi Culti Party on July 26 with “digital sister” bloggers Pauline Campos of Aspiring Mama blog and Dwana De La Cerna of House on A Hill blog in Chicago, Illinois. Click here to check out the BlogHer Loves Multi Culti Pinterest board.

Over the next two weeks, Ananda will be sharing several multi-culti inspired blog posts that invite your feedback. Today’s blog post features an interview with #MultiCulti Party co-hostess Pauline Campos. Enjoy reading about Pauline!

Meet Pauline Campos, writer, founder of AspiringMama.com and GirlBodyPride.com, and Latina Magazine Advice Columnist.

Photo Credit: Pauline Campos

Photo Credit: Pauline Campos

Photo Credit: AspiringMama.com

Photo Credit: AspiringMama.com

Pauline's Latina column

Pauline’s Latina column

DSN: Why is celebrating Multi-Culti at BlogHer important to you?
PC: The timing with which I learned of my new role as Latina Magazine’s new advice and relationship columnist and my invitation to join Ananda and Dwana as a co-hostess for the Multi-Culti was amazing. Celebrating who I am and what makes me who I am by my own definition is at the root of everything I do for myself, my daughter, my family, and serves as the inspiration for founding www.girlbodypride.com. I grew up defending my cultural identity to strangers who didn’t think I looked the part. Multi-Culti is my happy place.
DSN: Describe your family’s Multi-Culti melting pot (ethnicity).
PC: I don’t know specifics because Mexico is horrible for record keeping, but I do know that my great-great grandmother made it to Mexico from Spain to escape persecution and her family were merchants. I’m going out on a politically incorrect limb here and guessing Jewish and then explaining to you that her last name was Isaac. Also? It explains my hair and why my great-grandfather was blonde, blue-eyed, and glowed in the dark. I’m also aware of stories surrounding Aztec heritage. But that’s about as “melting-pottish” as it gets over here. the most exciting thing is the hyphen between the Mexican and the American.
DSN: What are your top 10 Multi-Culti favorite musical groups and/or songs?
PC: This one is tough because I don’t listen to Music Not on Nick Jr as much as I used to before I had a child. That means I’m six years out of the loop now. Has Justin Bieber reached puberty yet? Seriously though, my favorite Spanish language artists are Shakira, Chayanne, Selena, Ozomatli, and I used to have a massive boy-band crush on Magneto. (Think New Kids on the Block in Spanish and you don’t even have to Google them.) I’m also convinced I was Irish or Scottish in a past life because there’s something about the music and the history and the myths that calm me no matter what kind of day I am having. Enya was playing on my iPod when I gave birth to Eliana. I’ll take the soundtrack to River Dance over Ni Hao, Kai Lan, any day of the week. Celtic Woman makes me wish I was one. And because I listen to Kids Place Live ALL THE TIME, I would be remiss not to mention the incredible tunes we’ve heard that make me smile and sing along with Eliana. Pollito/Chicken by Dan Zanes is brilliant and anything produced by Putamayo World Music needs to be on my iPod now, please.
DSN: What is your favorite Multi-Culti fashion (clothing/jewelry/designer/accessories/shoes)?
PC: Target is not an answer, right?  Wow, I really need to get out more, don’t I? WAIT! I can redeem myself with at least one decent answer. I have a gorgeous tear-drop shaped necklace and earring set from Tiffany’s. It’s by Elsa Peretti and I love it.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi-Culti foods?
PC: I’m allergic to all of them. Seriously. That being said, I’m busy learning new ways to create old favorites from our childhoods. On my list of things to make are recipes from the Paleo Comforts cookbooks like coconut flour tortillas & enchiladas. That’s two. I’m also rediscovering my love of aguas frescas and just made a huge batch of cucumber mint water yesterday. That took me back. Four and five are avocados and unprocessed/raw coconut products. Cannot live without them.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi-Culti wines or cocktails?
PC: I’m also allergic! BUT I used to love Pina Coladas and Strawberry daiquiris in a most likely inappropriate way. And now? the Multi-Culti cocktail (both non alcoholic and the alcohol-containing version) were a blast to come up with!
DSN: What are your favorite Multi-Culti artwork, artists, books, and films?
PC: My favorite artists are Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. My favorite books are Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor, Mother Tongue by Demetria Martinez, and Mexican Enough by Stephanie Elizondo-Griest. My favorite movies are Real Women have Curves, Like Water for Chocolate, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
DSN: What are your favorite Multi-Culti travel experiences?
PC: Ireland, Scotland, and Prince Edward Island in Canada.
READER QUESTION: What are your favorites? Share answers to the interview questions in the comment section. Thanks!

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