Celebrating #BlogHer13 #MultiCulti Party – Chicago Is A Multi-Culti Mecca!


This month, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke is preparing to co-host the BlogHer 13 Multi Culti Party on July 26 with “digital sister” bloggers Pauline Campos of Aspiring Mama blog and Dwana De La Cerna of House on A Hill blog in Chicago, Illinois. Click here to check out the BlogHer Loves Multi-Culti Pinterest board.

Chicago Flag - Photo Credit: www.usamapxl.com/usa/cities/chicago-map

Chicago Flag – Photo Credit: http://www.usamapxl.com/usa/cities/chicago-map

Chicago Seal - Photo Credit: www.usamapxl.com/usa/cities/chicago-map

Chicago Seal – Photo Credit: http://www.usamapxl.com/usa/cities/chicago-map

Over the next three weeks, Ananda will be sharing several multi culti-inspired blog posts that invite your feedback. Today’s blog post focuses on her multi-culti love for Chicago. Enjoy!

Leak Family, owners of Leak and Sons Funeral Homes - Photo Credit: www.leakandsonsfuneralhomes.com

Leak Family, owners of Leak and Sons Funeral Homes – Photo Credit: http://www.leakandsonsfuneralhomes.com

I am in love with Chicago. My love affair began in the 1980s when I visited my Howard University School of Law classmates. The Windy City is one of my favorite places to visit because it offers a wealth of culturally diverse neighborhoods to explore. My passion for the city starts on the South Side where African Americans like my cousins who own Leak & Sons Funeral Homes have lived, owned businesses, and served their community for decades.

Black Chicago

It travels into the heart of Bronzeville, a neighborhood known as the Black Metropolis and Chicago’s version of the Harlem Renaissance, where prominent African Americans including poet Gwendolyn Brooks, writer Richard Wright, musician Louis Armstrong, aviator Bessie Coleman, and civil rights activist and founder of the Black Womens’ movement Ida B Wells lived. I love visiting the Bronzeville and walking down S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to see the house where Ida B. Wells and her family lived.

My creative spirit is always nurtured with visits to the DuSable Museum of African-American History, an art mecca created by Dr. Margaret T. and Charles G. Burroughs. The museum was named after Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a Haitian man who was the first settler of Chicago.

Devon Avenue located on Chicago’s Far North Side is another place I love to visit. It feeds my love affair with all things India and South Asia – the people, food, music, fashion, and Bollywood movies. It also gives me a chance to explore its other multicultural treasures – businesses run by Iraqis, Orthodox Jews, Poles, and Russians.

Chicago is home to two vibrant Mexican neighborhoods, Pilsen and Little Village near the South and West sides. Pilsen is etched in mi corazon because it is home to National Museum of Mexican Art, one of my favorite museums to visit.  Chinatown, Greektown, and Little Italy also add to Chicago’s diversity. And let’s not forget Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and citywide celebration in March and Irish American Festival in July . Irish Americans and St. Patty’s Day enthusiasts know how to throw a great party and even turn the Chicago River green!

What do you love about Chicago’s multi-culti diversity?

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