#DSMonth Guest Blog Post by Pen of The NetworkFAM

Happy Day 26 of #DigitalSisterhood Month! Happy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday! Happy First Day of Kwanzaa – Umoja (Unity)!

Today, Digital Sisterhood Network is celebrating the voices of our community by sharing a guest blog post written by Pen, the co-founder of The NetworkFAM. Check out what Pen has to say about the #DSMonth 2012 theme “Creativity + Great Health = Fierce Living Women” and what it means to her and her business. To learn more about Pen and her business, visit www.thenetworkfam.com. Follow her on Twitter: @loudpen.

Guest Blog Post by Pen, Co-Founder of The NetworkFam

Photo by Cacha

Photo by Cacha

I first came across the Digital Sisterhood Network via Twitter during their weekly #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday celebration and was immediately intrigued. I was interested in learning more about The Digital Sisterhood Network because I live and breathe all things digital both personally and professionally, not to mention, I am all about networking with other digital savvy women. Recently, the fabulous founder of The Digital Sisterhood Network, Ananda Leeke invited me to write this post about what this month’s theme “Creativity + Great Health = Fierce Living Women” means to me and my business.

My company is called The NetworkFAM and it encompasses several different businesses that all work together to promote diversity in fashion, art, & music. Through Cacha` Management and Pen PR, we provide models, stylists, make-up artists, and designers with management, public relations, social media marketing, event and photo shoot production. Our publishing company, 158TH & BROADWAY produces our blogs de la Pen, Cacha`, and The Blogging PR Girl. 158TH & BROADWAY also includes our digital publication, Flavor Magazine NYC and our web series “The Chronicles of Cacha` and Pen”; both of those projects will be released in 2013.

“Creativity + Great Health = Fierce Living Women” is essentially an equation that gives one the recipe for success in life. In essence, this month’s Digital Sisterhood theme is a life lesson to me. As you can see, my business does many things because my business partner, Cacha` and I wanted a company that would allow us to be as creative, independent, and successful as possible.

We are all about being creative, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and being fierce living women. Therefore, I feel that we embody this month’s Digital Sisterhood theme and it is a mantra that we also live by. As female entrepreneurs in the digital realm, we constantly have to be creative when approaching prospective clients, the media, or sponsors and partners. When we have to pitch to these various entities, each pitch has to be tailored and targeted to its audience or else the pitch will be ignored.

We also seek to stay healthy because if we are under the weather then we can’t work which leads to missed opportunities that are crucial to a start-up like ours. As far as being “fierce living women” Cacha` and I want to be more than just successful, we want to be icons. Therefore, we are always seeking to be innovative, informed, and on the pulse of “what’s next”. So be on the look out for The NetworkFAM because we believe that “Creativity + Great Health = Fierce Living Women!”

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