#BlissDom #DigitalSisterhood Moments

Conference booklet

What happens when hundreds of women bloggers spend a weekend at the BlissDom Conference held in February at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee?  Digital Sisterhood in real life (IRL)!

So what is digital sisterhood IRL at BlissDom? I am sure its many things to many people, but here’s what I witnessed.

Digital sisterhood IRL at BlissDom 2012 was women bloggers

  • Connecting, collaborating, inspiring, learning, sharing expertise and experiences, growing together as they build community.
  • Celebrating each other.
  • Supporting social good causes they believe in.
  • Networking with each other and sponsors.
  • Developing their entrepreneurial and writing skills.
  • Shopping for books and handmade goods created by fellow women bloggers.
  • Taking tons of photos and recording videos.
  • Tweeting and texting from their smartphones.
  • Smiling, hugging, laughing, and crying.
  • Eating great food.
  • Singing, dancing, and listening to music.
  • Wearing sparkles and expressing their authentic selves!

Check out photos of some of my favorite digital sisterhood moments below.  If you are like me, you probably want to see more photos.  So visit the BlissDom Flickr photo group here.

Enjoy the visual expression of BlissDom digital sisterhood IRL!

Bliss Chicks - Paula Bruno, Allie Worthington, and Barbara Jones - Photo Credit: BlissDom Flickr Group

Ana Roca Castro and Allie Worthington - Photo Credit: BlissDom Flickr Photo Group

@WellReadWife Mandy, Cecilly Kellog & Ananda

Britton Edwards and Ananda

Ananda, Stacey Ferguson, and Monica Barnett

Lucrecer braxton, Ananda & Tawanna Smith

Quick phone photo with Anissa Mayhew and Ananda - Photo Credita Anissa Mayhew

BlissDom digital sisters getting their groove at the Girls Night In event

Tina LeAnn Erdmann‏ and Ananda

Jennifer Williams and Aminah Hanan

Danica Kombol and Ananda

Monica Barnett, Demetria Lucas, Johnica Reed & Ananda

Jeanette Kaplun & Danica Kombol - Photo Credit - Everywhere Heart of Haiti Blogger Reception

Scotty Reiss and Ananda

Cecilly Kellog and Ananda

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