Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Abiola Abrams

Abiola Abrams

Meet Abiola Abrams

1) Write a six-word memoir to describe yourself.

Beautifully flawed, human goddess, wonder woman!!

2) Tell us about your blog.

My two online hubs are my blog, “The Passionista Playbook,” and my web TV talk show, “Kiss & Tell TV.” I am a love and lifestyle blogger and vlogger.  The Passionista Playbook” started in late 2009 and “Abiola’s Kiss & Tell TV” started in 2008 as “Planet Abiola.” I write and broadcast all about living with passion. I cover love, sex, dating and relationships but also feature women’s lifestyle content: advice, celebrity and author interviews, plus food, style and travel. My favorite post of 2011 is my “Abiola’s Bombshell Academy,” a 30 day video vlog lifeclass about how to live the most juicy, passionate, fulfilling life possible. I will be expanding the videos to include homework and resources to accompany each video episode lesson. Link:

3) What is your definition of digital sisterhood?

I create content for women because for me it’s all about sisterhood and it has been since day one. Nothing I do would be possible without digital sisterhood. For example, I notice that many bloggers and personalities don’t follow folks back a la celebrities. I don’t care how many times I’ve been on TV or the radio, it’s all about interaction. If I am having a conversation with someone online I follow them back. Digital sisterhood is about connections.  I am currently looking to feature the expertise of women who vlog in different fields on The first of these is single mom vlogger Tinzley:

4) What is your favorite 2011 digital sisterhood moment or experience?

Besides the wonderful work you do here, I have two!  My first favorite digital sisterhood moment of 2011 was when the blogger Charli Penn @manwifedog of reached out by including my blog on a list of faves on her blog. I was so happy to meet her and discover her site chocked full of love, light and fun. She mostly blogs about married life and I blog and broadcast mostly about the sexy, single life but we are on the same page. I adore her! She is my digital sister. Another great digital sisterhood moment was e-meeting the lovely Adaobi Iwenofu @divascribe of Magazine. It’s the British Essence and I now do a column for the incredible magazine and their cool site features my videos.

5) The 2011 theme of Digital Sisterhood Month is ‘Celebrate the 4 Fs of Women’s Health: Feelings, Food, Fitness & Fierce Living.” How have you lived fiercely in 2011?

I am completing my new book The Official Bombshell Handbook and I have lived fiercely by interviewing dynamic women making an impact from the fabulous 70-something year old author Jackie Collins to the hard-working 20-something year old rapper and TV personality Lil Mama.

6) How do you stay positive and maintain peace of mind?

Life maintenance is critical for me. That includes gratitude, affirmations, vision boards and trying to surround myself with positive people. I have been trying lately to not over-commit myself and burn out as much as I used to. Life is meant to be enjoyed!  I have a confession. Because I have always worked in television, when I was in my early 20s my first agent fudged my age so that I could host teen shows and play teen roles which I did. I continued lying about my age because I believed the lie that no one would hire me to host anything if I wasn’t “younger,” whatever that means. But like I tell my audience, how you do anything is how you do everything so I’m outing myself.  We live now in the age of transparency which is a great thing. I don’t care if no one hires me now because I’m in my late 30s instead of my early 30s because I am confident in my work as a multi-platform TV, web, radio host and lifestyle expert –and with my web series and blog, I hire myself. And that feels great!

7) What are your favorite healthy foods?

I have switched to almond milk. I don’t let a day pass without eating green leafys. I love spinach and broccoli, which is rich with vitamin C. Also, oatmeal and green tea are my morning essentials.

8) How do you stay fit?

Walking is my main means of fitness. I recently discovered fitness blogger @MizzFitNYC Bianca Jade of and will be collaborating with her on something fun soon.

9) How are you planning to live fiercely in 2012?

I am thrilled about 2012. I will live fiercely by doing more community building around my blog, web TV talk show and upcoming guide and memoir, The Official Bombshell Handbook. I plan to do even more speaking and I will be doing more extreme self care just for me. Oh – and something really exciting is that I am now offering Love Concierge Services for women. Here is the link:

10) Where can we find you online?

Come play with me, watch my videos and most importantly, share your work with me– I love meeting new folks. This is such an honor to be included on your list. Thank you for the digital sisterhood.

Web Site/Blog:


Twitter: aka @abiolatv





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