Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Lorraine Robertson

Lorraine Robertson

Meet Lorraine Robertson a/k/a Ask Wifey

1) Write a six-word memoir to describe yourself.

Positive, Powerful, Active, Joyful, Silly, Appreciative

2) Tell us about your blog.

I started blogging about three years ago and created my current blog, in October 2010. It’s where I manage marriage, motherhood and all the mayhem – and my marathon running, too! It’s a place for me to share my journey to stay healthy, active and take care of myself; and I hope that it encourages others to do the same. I turned 40 this year and set a goal for myself to rock a bikini on my birthday. I had a four-month plan and made it happen. My Project Me: Before and After picture post is one of my favorites from 2011.

3) What is your definition of digital sisterhood?

It’s the wonderful bond that women of all ages, ethnicities and social & economic backgrounds share via our connection in the online world. Thankfully, it spills over into real life and connects people that probably would have never crossed paths if it weren’t for the social media space.

4) What is your favorite 2011 digital sisterhood moment or experience?

I have two favorite 2011 digital sisterhood experiences. The first one is the opportunity to work with The American Cancer Society as a member of their Blogger Advisory Council. I attended Blogalicious Weekend in October supporting their More Birthday’s campaign and it’s been such a rewarding and humbling experience to contribute to such an important and life-changing cause. My second favorite digital sisterhood moment was the bond and support that I shared with 18 women who took part in my Race & Relax on the Road event. Race & Relax on the Road is a social media escape that brings together 15-20 women for a weekend of running, learning, networking and of course, relaxing. The first Race & Relax on The Road took place November 4-5, 2011, where participants ran in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon. In addition to the race weekend, the ladies supported each other via Twitter, blogs, Facebook, and other social media outlets leading up to the event; and are still cheering other on now.

5) The 2011 theme of Digital Sisterhood Month is ‘Celebrate the 4 Fs of Women’s Health: Feelings, Food, Fitness & Fierce Living.” How have you lived fiercely in 2011?

This was a big year for me. I turned 40 and was determined to be fabulous – and fierce! As I mentioned before I had the nerve to rock a bikini on my blog; and I’ve added another marathon and 3 more half marathons to my growing list of races. I’m in better shape than I was in my 30’s or even 20’s. I feel like this is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in my life. I’m doing things that I never dreamed of doing – and I’m loving it!

6) How do you stay positive and maintain peace of mind?

Through prayer, gratitude and running. I definitely put God first and trust in his way – even when I don’t like or understand it. At times when I’m overloaded and feel stressed I pause and remind myself of all the wonderful gifts I have in my life – my health, my family, friends, etc. – and try to truly appreciate them, even when their driving me crazy! Running is also a big outlet for me. Playing tennis, working out and taking care of myself not only helps maintain my physical state but my sanity, too.

7) What are your favorite healthy foods?

I have so many favorite healthy foods – apples with almond butter; whole-wheat pasta with fresh broccoli, onions, and garlic tossed in olive oil; and spicy hummus with carrots and cucumbers to name a few. I recently decided to eliminate a lot of animal based products from my diet after watching the movie Forks Over Knives. I’m not a total vegetarian or vegan, but I’m exploring that lifestyle. I contribute to a site called, FOKlife, with some family and friends who are all dabbling in veganism. Other food sites I like to read include NHerShoes and Carrots n Cake.

8) How do you stay fit?

I stay fit by running. I love the excitement of participating in races of all lengths – 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons! I also play on a few tennis teams, strength train and do my best to eat healthy MOST of the time. I believe in splurging, dark chocolate and a good glass of red wine.

9) How are you planning to live fiercely in 2012?

I’m in the process of setting new goals for 2012. I’d like to take my fitness level further and really tone up and shape my body. I’d also like to share what I’ve learned with other women. I believe my biggest success will come from empowering and helping others to reach their goals, too.

10) Where can we find you online?

My site is

I’m a host blogger for Fox 5 TV’s

I write weekly as Marathon Traveling Mom for

I share my food journey at

You can find me tweeting at @AskWifey.

I have a Run Wifey Run Facebook Page

I’m also on Google+, Instagram, DailyMile, Foursquare and LinkedIn.


2 thoughts on “Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Lorraine Robertson

    1. Hi Tamara. Thanks for commenting. You may want to try walking first and then adding running. I started walking and running in 1989. I would walk three blocks and run one block. Over time my body wanted more running. Who knows what will happen when you move your fabulous body. Also, remember walking is a great form of exercise! Enjoy!

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