Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Virginia Sanders

Virginia Sanders

Meet Virginia Sanders, Founder of Kiss Chronicles

Virginia Sanders is the Digital Sister behind the Kiss Chronicles blog. She’s 30 years old and, to her vexation, hasn’t had her first kiss yet. She decided that she’s going to hold a donation war to raise money for charity with her first kiss. If you think that’s crazy, that’s okay because so does she. You can contact Virginia about the project or to submit a kiss story for the blog at kisschronicles [@] Follow her on Twitter at @KissChronicle.

Behind the Scenes of Virginia’s Guest Blog Post:

I knew as the November 1st date (the due date for my Digital Sisterhood Month guest post) crept closer that I was in trouble.

The topic I needed to write on was Living Fiercely, and I was in trouble because my fierceness had flown the coop since the time when I agreed to submit a post. How could I write on living fiercely when I couldn’t currently imagine myself living up to that concept and ideal? I felt like I couldn’t write a post on how I was living fiercely because any words pouring out of my fingertips would be weak, reflecting my feelings at the time.

Let me explain a bit. Step back farther in time with me: Ananda had kindly invited me to write a guest post about Living Fiercely as it relates to my project and blog, Kiss Chronicles. This is a project that I started at the beginning of the 2011 summer. You see, I’m a bit of a late bloomer. Okay, I’m an incredibly late bloomer. I’m 30 years old and haven’t had my first kiss yet. (Go ahead, take a few moments to absorb the shock. I’ll wait.) I decided to do something wild: I would donate my first kiss to charity. The project is in progress, and the dream has grown far beyond what it was at the start.

It’s a dream that’s grown increasingly important to me, and it’s also grown in care and feeding requirements beyond what I can provide on my own. (It’s a bit like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors: intimidating and demanding, though thankfully less carnivorous.)

It’s a project with a lot of great ups and some rotten downs. In the two weeks leading up to the guest post deadline, fierce was hard to come by because I was on a down swing. When I’m down, I feel about as fierce as an overfed hamster.

I failed to submit on the November 1st due date. I don’t want to make excuses: The fact is that I should have followed through with my commitment no matter what I was feeling around the time of the due date.

I still have a long journey ahead of me on this project, and ups and downs are going to be a big part of the package. I have to fight harder against the downs so they don’t keep me from doing important things like living fiercely, chasing my dream, and sharing the story with the Digital Sisterhood Network.

Virginia’s Guest Blog Post:

1) What is the Digital Sisterhood?

The Digital Sisterhood is, in a word, support. In multiple words, it’s the lovely ladies who shape and mold the online world and are willing to share their savvy with their fellow ladies.

2) Why are you celebrating Digital Sisterhood Month?

I heard there would be wine and chocolate. Digital Sisters know how to party.

3) What does “Fierce Living” mean to you?

In this particular instance, it means owning to my mistakes and charging forward. It’s also never giving up on my dream: I’m getting that first kiss, and it’s going to benefit cancer research/support in the process!

4) How have you incorporated “Fierce Living” for social good in your blog and social media efforts?

Please refer to my whole Kiss Chronicles project. There would be no Kiss Chronicles without the goal to benefit charity.

5) Share three lessons you have learned in your “Fierce Living” for social good journey.

Own your mistakes.

Don’t be shy, say hi. Throw out the old lesson “don’t talk to strangers.”

Ask for help… that’s the hardest one of all. Doing it all on your own isn’t fierce; it’s downright stubborn, probably foolish, and highly unsociable.


Final Words from Virigina:

Happy Digital Sisterhood Month to you! I’d say love and kisses, but I’m not actually supposed to be kissing anybody yet, so I’m just sending you love!


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