Digital Sisterhood Month’s Guest Blogger Series – Corynne Corbett

Corynne Corbett


Meet Corynne Corbett, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of That Black Girl Site

1) Write a six-word memoir to describe yourself.

Passionate promoter of beauty inside out.

2) Tell us about your blog.

I started in March 2008 with a single blog called That Black Girl Blogging. Later it became a blog collective called That Black Girl Site (TBGS) where I gave voice to those who wanted to write about things that interest Black Girls. I love writing about how Black Women are perceived in popular culture from Hollywood to politics and music.

My favorite post this year was: What If They Remade Julia? about the impact that Diahann Carroll’s role had on us and imagined what it would be like to give it a reboot in modern times.

3) What is your definition of digital sisterhood?

Women positively using technology to connect, educate, elevate and express themselves.

4) What is your favorite 2011 digital sisterhood moment or experience?

Returning to Blogalicious after missing it last year. It is so wonderful to be among so many positive women (and men) all using their ideas, writings, videos and podcasts to create and advance the conversation about things that matter.

5) The 2011 theme of Digital Sisterhood Month is ‘Celebrate the 4 Fs of Women’s Health: Feelings, Food, Fitness & Fierce Living.” How have you lived fiercely in 2011?

Although I took a blogcation for a good part of the year, I decided that TBGS and what I did there was part of my mission and I couldn’t give it up. I decided to make the investment in bringing it back and making a commitment to it and my other independent work I do no matter how busy I get with other things.

6) How do you stay positive and maintain peace of mind?

I surround myself with positive people and steer clear of pot stirrers and those who think negativity is a lifestyle choice. I also make time for prayer and reflection to make sure I am on the path God wants for me. Finally, I try to find time to refuel because when I don’t my body rebels and forces me to take some time off.

7) What are your favorite healthy foods?

I recently discovered the Organic Avenue stores here in NYC, and have been drinking their Green Love and Turmeric Tonic drinks often. But the other thing I discovered I loved were Nori Chips (made from seaweed), a nice healthy snack.

8) How do you stay fit?

I wish I could say that I had a regular schedule when it comes to exercise but this is one of the things I am working on for 2012. But when I do workout my favorite pastimes are Zumba (it’s so much fun), Pilates and walking.

9) How are you planning to live fiercely in 2012?

I am looking for even more opportunities to express myself and my opinions in 2012. I want to be a positive force in women’s lives—encouraging them to discover their inner and out beauty and strength.

10) Where can we find you online?

Web Site:

Twitter: @thatblackgirlsi




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