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Justices Ny & Fergie

Last week, Justice Fergie and Justice Ny of The Social Niche, the creators of,  selected Ananda Leeke, Digital Sisterhood Network founder, to serve as a 2011 Blogalicious Weekend Conference Ambassador!

What is is an online community of thousands of women. It celebrates diversity in social media and helps women:

  • To connect,
  • To learn about social media and other tech related issues,
  • To share information,
  • To create successful digital platforms for their creative endeavors, careers, and businesses,
  • To champion causes near and dear to their hearts, and
  • To impact the digital landscape.

What is the Blogalicious Weekend Conference all about?

The Blogalicious Weekend conference was established as a three-day celebration to honor  the diversity of women of all ethnicities in social media. During the 2009 and 2010 conferences, a fabulous group of savvy, influential, and talented women bloggers ignited a sense of unity within the multicultural blogging community as well as educated marketers on the importance of their demographic in today’s marketplace. They did all of this and more while networking, building relationships, and promoting inspiration and success for each other. badge

The 2011 conference will be held on October 21-23 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center.  The conference theme is “Making Masterful Connections.” See links below.

  • Click here to register for the conference.
  • Check out the Conference blog.
  • Make your hotel registration by clicking on this link.
  • Read more about the dynamic speakers and agenda.

What is Ananda’s Role as a Blogalicious Weekend Conference Ambassador?

As a Conference Ambassador, Ananda will use the Digital Sisterhood Network blog and Twitter page, #Digitalsisterhood Wednesday weekly Twitter party, and Digital Sisterhood Radio’s Stroke Diva Fabulous Show to promote the conference agenda, speakers, sponsors, registration process, weekly #BeUplifted Twitter Chats (Thursdays at 9:00 pm), movie, local meet ups, and alumni.

Check out a video below that expresses Ananda’s enthusiasm for Blogalicious (it includes Xina Eiland; skip to the last minute of the video). It was created by Lamar Tyler of Tyler New Media during the Blogalicious DC Meet Up in February 2010.

Why is Ananda excited about the Blogalicious Weekend Conference?

The Blogalicious Community personifies the essence of digital sisterhood. Ananda discovered this amazing community of women and a few good men two years ago while attending the Blogalicious 2009 opening night reception in Atlanta.  Her first digital sisterhood moment happened while sipping cocktails and recording a video interview with Xina Eiland.  During the interview, they learned they were both born in Michigan and currently reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Throughout the conference, they reconnected with each other and other women like“WhimsiGal,” founder of Whimsicard, LLC from the DC area.  When they returned home, they used social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in touch. They also discussed their Blogalicious experiences on Ananda’s program called Sisterhood the Blog Radio.

Ananda & Xina @ Blogalicious 2010 Open Mic Luncheon - Photo Credit: Carol Cain

And then it happened. They reached out by telephone and agreed to meet in person. Their first meeting occurred on a Sunday afternoon at the U Street Café in DC.  Xina, “WhimsiGal,” and Ananda sat at a table for a few hours discussing their lives, 2010 goals, ways they could support each other,  and ideas for a local Blogalicious meet up.  That one conversation paved the way for their Blogalicious DC community building efforts.

Together, they were able to help Blogalicious founders organize two meet ups in February and April for DC area women.  Xina played a major role in securing space and media coverage, promoting the events on Facebook and Twitter, identifying speakers and sponsors, developing the agenda, and obtaining in-kind donations for both events.  Ananda served as panel moderator for the April meet up.

Xina & Ananda at Blogalicious 2010

In addition to supporting the Blogalicious DC community, Ananda and Xina also made a professional commitment to support each other and their 2010 business goals.  They launched their commitment with a face-to-face breakfast meeting at Busboys and Poets, a popular DC hangout,  on January 2.  Seated on comfy chairs with herbal tea and delicious breakfast items to keep them company, they shared their  expertise.  Xina became Ananda’s public relations coach and convinced her to follow her instructions on how to better package herself as a speaker, author of two books, artist, yoga teacher, and creativity coach.  Ananda became Xina’s creativity coach and helped her develop a social media plan to support her intention to blog and learn more about social media tools.  Since then, they have met monthly to assess their progress and to seek feedback on their endeavors.  They also attended several DC social media meet ups, hung out at the Red Pump Project and Blogalicious’ Say RED: Cocktails and Conversations event, and live blogged with the Blogalicious DC B-Link members during President Obama’s education reform speech at the National Urban League’s Centennial Conference.  See video of Xina at the National Urban League below. They also attended Blogalicious 2010 and co-moderated an open-mic luncheon sponsored by McDonald’s.

One of the Greatest Blogalicious Blessings

One of the greatest Blogalicious blessings Xina and Ananda received was their peer mentoring connection that encourages them to step up their “A”  game and pursue new opportunities.  Through their peer mentoring, they share information, insights, and introductions to people in their network that can support their efforts.  They also laugh, learn, and listen to each other when they achieve and struggle.  Their Blogalicious bond has created a digital sisterhood that exists IRL — in real time!

Flashback to Blogalicious 2010 – Reflecting on Open-Mic Luncheon Sponsored by McDonald’s

Blogalicious 2010 logo

The 2010 open mic luncheon featured a soulful discussion about the power of digital sisterhood.  Everyone listened to stories told by women who were Blogalicious newbies and alumni.  These amazing women opened their hearts and spoke with such passion, clarity, candor, and humor.  It was a beautiful experience filled with wisdom, laughter, lessons learned, and a plethora of blogging experiences that revealed how women discovered their authentic selves online and offline.  Check out the photos taken by NYCityMama Carol Cain below.   Carol is the official Blogalicious photographer. She did an amazing job documenting Blogalicious 2009 and 2010!


What Will You Receive When You Attend the 2011 Blogalicious Weekend Conference on October 21-23? conference badge

Digital sisterhood is one of the many gifts you will receive when you attend the Blogalicious Weekend Conference.  It’s contagious. Some say it’s magical.  And it happens without you even knowing it.  That’s the beauty of Blogalicious.  Through the celebration of Blogalicious’ diversity, women own who they are through the content, connections, communities, and commerce they create as they share experiences, insights, opinions, humor, creativity, expertise, and information.  The Blogalicious digital sisterhood lays the foundation for building local digital sisterhood communities.

Watch the trailer video for the Be Blogalicious, the Movie created by Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, founders of Tyler New Media, to learn why Blogalicious is one of the best investments you can make this year!

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