Watch Digital Sisterhood Network Founder Ananda Leeke on PepsiCo’s WIN Video @ BlogHer 2011

On August 4, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke spent time with the PepsiCo’s Women Inspiration Network (PepsiCo WIN) staff at the BlogHer 2011 Conference Expo Hall in the San Diego Convention Center.  She shared her thoughts about being at BlogHer on the video above.  The video also includes several BlogHer attendees who shared their excitement and reasons for attending the conference.

Ananda being interviewed by PepsiCo WIN staff on 8/4/11 at BlogHer 11

Ananda recorded a Cinch audio blog about her PepsiCo WIN interview. Click here to listen. She also shared what inspired her about BlogHer on the PepsiCo WIN booth wall. See below.

PepsiCo WIN booth at BlogHer - Inspiration Question

Ananda's Inspiration Statement at PepsiCo WIN booth

More Information about PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network (PepsiCo WIN):

PepsiCo WIN is an online community that provides a global idea sharing forum for leaders, innovators, and real women.  It was launched in February 2011.  Check out the video of PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi announcing the WIN Correspondent program at  BlogHer below.  Nooyi shared her thoughts about inspiration and leadership during the August 6th luncheon at BlogHer.  Click here to listen to Ananda’s audio blog reflections about Nooyi’s talk.

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