Ananda’s Favorite Digital Sisterhood Moments @ BlogHer 2011 – August 4-7 in San Diego, CA

Hi All!

I am back from the BlogHer 2011 conference in San Diego, California. It was an amazing trip. Great weather, city, people, food, and learning experiences. I have included my 21 favorite BlogHer digital sisterhood moments below.

If you attended BlogHer, let me know your favorite digital sisterhood moments in the comment section.

FYI – BlogHer 2012 will be held in August 2012 in New York City. So get ready!

Click here to see my photos from BlogHer.

Click here to listen to my audio blogs from BlogHer featuring my conference recaps and interviews with digital sisters.

BlogHer badge and program book

Ananda’s Favorite Digital Sisterhood Moments at BlogHer 

Lilian Chiang and Ananda








1) Meeting my BlogHer roommate Lilian Chiang, founder of Chinese Grandma blog

2) Hanging out with Dr. Goddess, one of my Blogalicious digital sisters

3) Sharing office yoga, breathing exercises, and self-care practices during my Wellness for Bloggers session on August 5th

4) Serving as a panelist during the Peer Networking: Working Together to Help All Boats Rise session with Liz Strauss, Heather Mann, and Vikki Reich on August 5th


5) Seeing my Heart of Haiti digital sister Sloane Berrent at the Philosophy booth in the BlogHer Expo Hall on August 6th

6) Receiving my BlogHer swag — favorite items were the BlogHer official CVS recyclable bag, BlogHer pendant, HTC white pouch bags with a writing pad and mints, Yahoo Style Book, Philosophy gift set (love love love the red velvet lip gloss), and the Dove recyclable bag

7) Listening to the Voices of the Year Community stories and attending the reception on August 5th

8) Visiting the HTC Suite and learning about sponsorship opportunities that can support Digital Sisterhood Month on August 6th








9) Spending time with new and old digital sister friends during breakfast and lunch

10) Delivering thank you notes to BlogHer founders Elisa Camhort Page, Lisa Stone, and Jory Des Jardins, and BlogHer staff Polly Pagenhart for all of their hard work

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