Recap: Ananda Leeke Discusses Digital Sisterhood @Digital Doyennes Event on 4/12 in Atlanta

Digital Doyennes Panel: Angela, Ericka, Gina, Jacqui & Ananda

Photo Credit: Spelman College's Digital Moving Image Salon

Photo Credit: WIFTA Atlanta

On April 12, 2011, Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke served as a panelist for the Digital Doyennes: Wisdom from the Women who Lead in Social Media and Digital Innovation event held at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Ananda talked about her first Internet experiences in 1986 as a first year law student at Howard University School of Law and in 1995 at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, digital sisterhood, her recent trip to Haiti as the Heart of Haiti Blogger Ambassador, Blogalicious Weekend Conference, how she uses to raise money for her upcoming book, and her social media lessons learned as an author and artistSpelman College’s Digital Moving Image Salon and Women in Film & Television Atlanta organized and hosted the event.  Everywhere, a social media marketing firm, served as a sponsor.

Dr. Ayoka Chenzira, Ph.D., flimmaker/founder/ director of Spelman College's Digital Moving Image Salon

Lauren Brown Jarvis & Ananda

Spelman College senior Lauren Brown Jarvis (founder of Digital Doyennes) produced the event and served as the moderator. The panel included Ananda and the following dynamic digital divas:

1) Angela Benton Conyers, CEO of Black Web Media,

2) Jacqui Chew, Principal of iFusion Marketing,

3) Erica Hartfield, Digital Producer, Everywhere, and

4) Gina McCauley, Founder of What About Our Daughters, Michelle Obama Watch, and the Blogging While Brown Conference.

Digital Doyennes Panel

Additional Information:

  • The event was live streamed on If you missed it, click here to watch it (104 minutes).
  • Ananda had an opportunity to interview several of Atlanta’s social media savvy professionals.  Listen to the audio blogs below.
  • Check out some of the event photos below.  Click here to see more photos.

Digital Doyennes audience

Digital Doyennes audience

The Twitterverse was on fire during the event.  Check out some of the great tweets below.

  • Your blog is your rocket launcher. #digidoy
  • Best way to build followers – be real and find your passion. #digidoy
  • Relationships are important. Meeting face-to-face is powerful. #digidoy
  • The creator of the technology must leave space for human interaction…
  • Don’t pick fights online. – Ananda Leeke
  • Everyone is not going to like your work.
  • You can’t eliminate hacking but you can prevent it. #digidoy
  • Don’t sign up for applications you are not sure of. #digidoy
  • Create what you want to see. #digidoy
  • What you say online cannot be deleted
  • Have a passion for what you are doing!
  • My words are my rocks… My blog is my slingshot! – Gina McCauley
  • Engage with your audience organically.
  • Understand the social graphics of your stakeholders.
  • Determine what you want to do and who you need to connect to. – Jacqui Chew
  • Through blogging, you can tell a story. #digidoy
  • Blogging helps to connect people all over the world. #digidoy
  • Social media can do social good. #digidoy
  • Just b/cuz someone likes your thoughts does not make them your friend!
  • Did you know about this trend: “25% of twitters population is African American” via @ABenton during #digidoy
  • African Americans have the ability to dominate the digital movement! #digidoy
  • “Think of as your yellow pages for twitter applications.” via @jacquichew #digid
  • Most inspiring aspect of #digidoy, seeing other ppl who are passionate a/b a lot of areas. I don’t feel so crazy being a jill of many trades
  • “LinkedIn is your Chamber of Commerce, Facebook is a family reunion, twitter is a cocktail party.” @jacquichew
  • “Facebook is the front porch; twitter is the cornerstore. You don’t invite people from the corner to your porch”
  • Fave social media apps from #digidoy – seesmic, cotweet, google analytics, & google website enhancer,, backtype, clicksee & twitiq
  • The universe is generous online and offline. @anandaleeke
  • @heyheylbj say “I think twitter needs Jesus”
  • Everything you do online won’t go away, and even if you delete it, it’s still around.
  • Social media should be more connection than promotion per @gem2001
  • Most inspiring aspect of #digidoy, seeing other ppl who are passionate a/b a lot of areas. I don’t feel so crazy being a jill of many trades
  • @HelloLT says I’m glad I volunteered @jaheed to be @anandaleeke‘s unofficial videographer at #digidoy! He’s doing a great job!
  • How 2 prevent hacking – don’t sign up 4 application u don’t know #digidoy
  • Best way to build followers – be real and find your passion. #digidoy

Ananda with the Everywhere team

Ananda’s audio blog interviews with Atlanta-based social media savvy professionals:

Jaheed Givensand Ananda

1) Interview with Jaheed Givens

Ananda and Akilah Richards

Ananda & Ericka a/k/a Swarthy Daisy

2) Interview with Akilah Richards of Execumama and  Ericka of Swarthy Daisy

Ananda & Danielle Jackson of the Little Pink Book

3) Interview with Danielle Jackson of The Little Pink Book

Lauren B. Jarvis, Lauren Thomas & Ananda

4) Interview with Lauren Thomas of Digital Aftershock

Event Photos

Ananda & Andrea Amir

Ananda & her attorney Lauren Medlock Smith

Lauren Medlock Smith

Ananda & 2010 Digital Sister of the Year Shameeka Ayers a/k/a The Broke Socialite

Ananda & Tomika DePriest, Executive Director Office of Communications@Spelman College

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