Tune into May 4th episode of Digital Sisterhood Radio at 8pm ET for EVERYWHERE Blogger Outreach Network & Opportunities for Women Bloggers

Join Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke for a Digital Sisterhood Wednesday chat about blogger outreach opportunities with EVERYWHERE on the May 4th episode of Digital Sisterhood Radio from 8:00 pm ET to 9:00 pm ET. Click on the link to access the show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/42015.   Click here to register for the event (FREE).

The guest is Britton Thompson, Digital Coordinator at EVERYWHERE, a mutli-faceted social media firm based in Atlanta, GA. EVERYWHERE has had great success with blogger outreach on behalf of their clients. They continue to receive projects from clients such as Qualcomm (a leader of the next generation technology) and Macy’s that require specilty bloggers from multiple verticals. EVERYWHERE is currently seeking to build a blogger outreach network that includes women who are willing to take action when they blog about motherhood, parenting, technology, social good/responsibility, social justice, fashion, beauty, hair, lifestyle, personal finance, careers, popular culture, music, travel and leisure, food, wine, health, fitness, self-care, self-discovery, yoga, green living, and product reviews.  They want to work with bloggers who use a creative story-telling approach that personalizes brand campaigns and makes them relevant to their blog audiences.

If you are interested in learning more about EVERYWHERE’s blogger outreach network and opportunities, register for the free event on Eventbrite and tune into Digital Sisterhood Radio. You will be able to ask questions and provide feedback in the chat room, by phone, or through Twitter (use hashtag #digitalsisterhood).  You can also contact Britton Thompson directly. Her contact information is below.

Britton Thompson

Digital Coordinator – EVERYWHERE

Cell: 202.744.3854

Office: 404-228-4100


Twitter: @brittont13

Photo: (L-R) - Nathalie, Deana, Willa, Sloane, Ananda, Julianna & Johnica

Photo Credit: Johnica, Ananda & Danica

SPECIAL NOTE:  Ananda Leeke is a Heart of Haiti blogger ambassador.  The Heart of Haiti

campaign is a partnership between Fairwinds Trading, Macy’s, and the

Photo Credit: Laura, Deana, Sloane & Ananda

Photo Credit: Heather, Sloane & Ananda

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. It was created to provide sustainable income to Haitian artisans impacted by the January 2010 earthquake. Through the partnership, the artisans create artwork that is sold as the Heart of Haiti collection in Macy’s stores. The sales from these hand-made products including quilts, metalwork, paper mache, painting and jewelry generate the sustainable income and provide trade instead of aid to the Haitian artisans. Macy’s is a client of EVERYWHERE. For more information visit the web sites below.

Ananda recently traveled to Haiti with EVERYWHERE to visit the Heart of Haiti artisans in February.  EVERYWHERE sponsored her trip.  Click here to read her blogs (videos and photos included) about her Haiti trip and contributions to the Heart of Haiti campaign.

Ananda hosted the March 31st episode of Digital Sisterhood Radio that featured the women bloggers who traveled to Haiti.  Click here to listen to the show.


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