Feminism Online Project Launches Today with KOFAVIV & Causempolitan Sloane Berrent!

Happy March! Happy National Women’s History Month!

Today marks the beginning of the Digital Sisterhood Network’s Feminism Online Project, a three month initiative that celebrates the rainbow chorus of feminist voices in the digital world.  From now until the end of May, the Feminism Online Project will use the Digital Sisterhood Network blog, Talkshoe.com radio show, Twitter page, and weekly Tweetchats to profile a diverse group of feminist voices and discuss a range of feminist issues.

Haitian adolescent girls who are supported by KOFAVIV in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Sign outside of KOFAVIV's offices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Today we dedicated our first day of the Feminism Online Project to KOFAVIV, a Haitian women’s organization that supports women and girls who have experienced violence.  The organization is located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke visited KOFAVIV on February 26 while she was traveling with the Heart of Haiti campaign as a blogger ambassador.

Check out our first video featuring Sloane Berrent, Founder of The Causemopolitan and Help A Woman Out web project.  See below. She rocked feminism!  Please support her projects. They are amazing!

What is your definition of feminism? Share your thoughts in the comment section! We wanna know!


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