Digital Sisterhood Network Celebrates Black History Month & Supports Women’s Heart Health Week – February 1-7


Join the Digital Sisterhood Network in celebrating Black History Month in February by remembering the many ways African American digital sisters like Shireen Mitchell, Cheryl Mayberry McKissack,  and Lynne Johnson have made contributions to the digital world.  Who are your African American digital sister sheros?

Shireen Mitchell

Cheryl Mayberry McKissack

Lynne Johnson

We are also honoring Women’s Heart Health Week which begins February 1 and ends February 7.  Women’s Heart Health Week gives us seven days to remind each other about the importance of heart disease education and prevention, heart healthy eating, fitness,  and stress reduction.  Click here to watch stress-reduction (15-20 minutes) videos that offer office yoga and breathing tips you can use to promote heart healthy living in your life.  Share the link with your friends and family too!

Celebrate #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday on February 2 by tweeting your favorite digital sister and organizations that promote women’s heart health all day!

Find something red to wear on Friday, February 4! It’s Wear Red Day.  For more information, visit the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women site.

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