Please provide feedback for Feminism Online Project by February 1

The Digital Sisterhood Network is gearing up for the Feminism Online Project in March 2011. We need your help to make it successful. Please click here and complete the short survey (only two questions) by February 1, 2011. Thank you!

Feminism Online Project Description

Feminism is many things to many people. It lives out loud in the arts, environment, holistic health field, media, music, popular culture, and spirituality.  It is woven into the fabric of individuals’ beliefs and life practices.  It makes its home in diverse communities.  It explores its theories in the halls of academia.  It tests its application and elasticity in businesses, governments, and institutions.  It invites comment and critique wherever it goes. It seeks to bridge the gap between its first, second, third, fourth, and fifth waves.  It comes online and dances with complexity backed up by a rainbow chorus of voices, some of which go unheard.

In March 2011, The Digital Sisterhood Network will launch its Feminism Online Project to celebrate the rainbow chorus of feminist voices in the digital world.  The Feminism Online Project will use the Digital Sisterhood Network blog, radio show, Twitter page, and weekly Tweetchats to profile a diverse group of feminist voices and discuss a range of feminist issues.  The Project will also host several offline events to celebrate women’s art, creative writing, self-care practices, and financial empowerment in Washington, DC.  These activities will be included as research for author Ananda Leeke’s book Digital Sisterhood, a memoir (December 2011).

The Digital Sisterhood Network is using an excerpt from Leeke’s Digital Sisterhood, a memoir as its definition of feminism for the Feminism Online Project:

Feminism is a

F – Freedom of choice that encompasses a movement, practices, and beliefs that promote social, political, and economic equality and

E – Empower women, girls, men, and boys to

M – Move through their daily lives, the Internet, and society as

I – Individuals who are treated as equals and

N – Nurtured and respected for the diversity of their

I – Identities as human beings who

S – Share the responsibility of

M – Making their daily and digital lives, communities, organizations, businesses, governments, countries, and societies oppression-free zones.


A schedule of online and offline events will be posted in mid to late February.

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