Digital Sisterhood Presentation Rocked Social Justice Camp DC #2 on January 21!

Ananda Leeke speaking about digital sisterhood at Social Justice Camp DC #2


Digital Sisterhood Network founder Ananda Leeke gave her talk “Digital Sisterhood: A Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Social Justice Movement for Women in Social Media” at the Ignite Speakers Night on January 21, 2011.  The event was  sponsored by Social Justice Camp II: The Empowered Are Back unconference and held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Washington, DC.

Click here to watch video (7 min) of Ananda’s talk.

Click here to listen to Ananda’s audio blog about the event (includes highlights from her talk).

View Ananda’s PowerPoint presentation below.

Regina Holliday

Health muralist, activist, and blogger Regina Holliday organized and hosted the event. Click here to learn more about Regina and the Social Justice Camp Ignite speakers.

Regina Holliday's Painting

Social Justice Camp DC #2 Ignite Speakers


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