Digital Sisterhood Audio Interviews at Blogalicious 2010

Blogalicious is one of my favorite social media conferences!  I have been blessed to attend two so far (Atlanta in 2009 and Miami in 2010).  I always come away with digital sisterhood connections and collaborations, social media information, and sisterhood inspiration!

While I was at Blogalicious 2010, I interviewed women in social media about digital sisterhood on Cinchcast.  Doing the interviews helped me connect with so many dynamic women who continue to inspire and inform me.  I have included links to the interviews below. Enjoy!


Danica Kombol. co-founder of Everywhere

Listen to interview with Danica Kombol.




Me and Lashanda Henry


Listen to interview with LaShanda Henry




Toni Staton-Harris and Deidre Mason


Listen to interview with Toni Staton-Harris and Deidre Mason




Ellen Seidman


Listen to interview with Ellen Seidman.




Jennifer James


Listen to interview with Jennifer James.




Jonnice Slaughter


Listen to interview with Jonnice Slaughter.




Me and Boni Candelario


Listen to interview with Boni Candelario.




Mary Ann Vangrin of the Wine Sisterhood and her fellow Wine Sisterhood colleague


Listen to the interview with Mary Ann Vangrin.





Me and Natalie McNeal


Listen to the interview with Natalie McNeal.




Me and Maura Hernandez


Listen to interview with Maura Hernandez.




Lauren Thomas


Listen to interview with Lauren Thomas.


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